How is Delphi different?

We analyze data as if we were your opposition.

You've likely experienced some form of friction in your advocacy efforts – some entity that doesn't want you to succeed.

  • What if your opponent had the data you collected?

  • What would they do with it?

  • How could they counter your message?

Knowing where opportunities lie for both your and your opposition’s campaigns can make the difference between Royal Assent and Rejection.


How can Delphi help your organization?

We provide analysis going beyond theories and intuition providing you with practical advice and effective strategy.

  • How much awareness does your issue have?

  • How are opinions distributed within a geographic area?

  • Is there a consensus or division in support for your issue?

  • Does your issue make sense to voters?

  • Is the issue personally relevant to your audience?

  • What segments of the population does your issue resonate with?

  • Is your issue, organization or campaign seen as credible?

  • Can the issue cut through voter apathy of politics?

  • Has your campaign moved the needle of support over time?


Big Research Firms

  • Highly bureaucratic and slow to adapt to change.

  • Shoehorn new clients into old ideas.

  • Employ large teams that generate fewer individual ideas and are likely to reject external perspectives.

  • Dilute the client experience by passing the buck to junior analysts.

  • Lock clients into large and long contracts.

Delphi Polling

  • Disruptive by experimenting with new and innovative ideas.

  • Welcoming of clients with limited and focused research objectives.

  • Adapts to the needs of each client by using a bottom-up approach.

  • Consistent communications – you deal with the same people from tooth-to-tail.

  • Prioritizes client satisfaction and data utility over profitability.

  • Consistently questioning what has been done before.